Advanced AX-NET7-09


Network Interface Module – Style 7, 200 nodes

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Providing superior flexibility and customization to an AxisAX Series installation, the AX-NET4 and AX-NET7 network modules provide both the benefits of distributed intelligence and reduced installation costs while meeting the smallest to largest network demands.

The network can be fully fault tolerant to single opens or short circuits by utilizing the Advanced AX-NET7 module. In addition, ground fault monitoring is standard with either style network.

The Advanced network, AD-NeT-PluS, operates as a true peer-to-peer network with full cross node reporting. The network allows information from any input or output device to be passed over the network and be displayed on any AxisAX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel or Remote Graphical LCD Annunciator. Details include alarm, mass notification, supervisory, warning, trouble, control events and disabled zone/points as well as analog values, test instructions and status information.

For more complex networked systems, the Advanced Windows based PC-NeT configuration software allows sector based programming for such functions as drill, acknowledge, silence, resound and reset control keys. All panels within the same sector can share common controls and each fire alarm panel or remote annunciator can also be programmed to show specific network information on a zone/point basis.

The level of information displayed and the control capabilities of each network node is fully field programmable. Individual nodes can be configured to vector information and control, allowing specific nodes to be dedicated to alarms, mass notifications, troubles, supervisory or other status events.

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  • 200 Nodes per Network
  • Up to 1000 shared Network Zones
  • Uncomplicated and Simplistic Installation
  • Style 4 or 7 Network Communications
  • AD-NeT-PluS Peer-to-Peer Network
  • Fully Fault Tolerant Network
  • Up to 5000ft between Nodes
  • Full Network Analysis from any Node


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