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Peripheral Bus Expansion Network Node – Style 7

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The Peripheral Expansion Network Node Module provides an Ad-NeT-PluS network interface for remote monitoring and control of an integral Axis AX peripheral bus (PBUS). Two (2) versions of the peripheral expansion network node module are available; one for a Class B, Ad-NeT-PluS peer-to-peer network (AX-PENN) and one for Class A, Ad-NeT-PluS peer-to-peer network (AX-PENN/ST7).

Like the AX-CTL base card peripheral bus, the peripheral expansion network node module’s (AX-PENN or AX-PENN/ST7) peripheral bus (PBUS) can support 16 of any specific Advanced PBUS module to a maximum of 32 PBUS modules. Peripheral bus modules include; audio amplifiers, switch/LED modules, switch/LED driver modules, fan/damper control modules, LED modules, conventional zone modules and four point relay modules.

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  • Remotely Located PBUS Module Support
  • Available as Class A or B Ad-NeT-PluS Network Node
  • Supports up to 32 Advanced PBUS Modules
  • Supports up to 16 of any PBUS Module Type
  • Serial Port for Connection of Optional AX-DSP
  • Integral RS232 Interface for External Printer/CRT Strip Printer Interface Port
  • Power Supply/Charge Monitoring Input
  • Fifteen On-Board Status LEDs
  • USB Port for Programming


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Peripheral Expansion Network Node Module


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