Advanced AX-RL8

8-Way Relay Module

    Brand: Advanced Part #: 45304 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: AX-RL8


    The AX-RL8, 8-Way Relay Output Card, is an internal peripheral card for use with Advanced AxisAX Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels. The AX-RL8 card provides 2 Form-C and 6 Form-A (normally open) freely programmable relay contacts. Communications of the card and relays is done via a flat ribbon cable connection to the AX-CTL base card.

    Compatible with the AxisAX Series Dynamix I/O relationship programming, the relays of the AX-RL8 can be individually assigned to any input or output relationship, output group, timing function, gated function, invert operation, etc. to perform project specific control operations. To simplify installation, each AX-RL8 relay output is pre-configured to activate on common alarm.

    Ideally suitable for elevator control, HVAC shutdown, door holder release, or similiar ancillary functions, each AX-RL8 relay is rated 30 VDC/VAC @ 1 Amp with a PF rating of 1 (resistive).

    Unique Features:

    • Eight (8) Individually Programmable Relays
    • Contacts Rated 30 VDC/VAC, 1 Amp (resistive)
    • 2 Form-C and 6 Form-A Relays
    • Fail-Safe Programmable
    • Programmable Silenceable and Non-Silenceable
    • Cost-Effective Ancillary Output


    Weight 1.00 lbs




    • Rapid Activation Response
    • Programmable Timing Functions
    • Supports DynamiX I/O Relationship Programming
    • Removable Field Wiring Terminal Blocks


    Advanced Axis AX 8-Way Relay Output Card


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