Alarm Controls APS-300FT


Supervised Power Supply/Charger Module with Standard Enclosure, PDFT, Fire Relay Module

Availability: Please Call for Lead Time

    Brand: Alarm Controls Part #: 21595 Category: Manufacturer Part #: APS-300FT


    Weight 1.00 lbs


    • Sufficient power to support up to three magnetic locks or electric strikes plus required exit devices
    • One Class 2 power limited output with thermal protection
    • Precise battery regulation for all sealed lead acid batteries
    • Input and output surge protection
    • Battery always online, no voltage drop or switch over when AC fails
    • Reverse battery protection, battery disconnect when battery is drained
    • Operates under brownout conditions
    • AC and DC power indicator LEDs
    • Outputs are power limited
    • Cabinet includes normally-open tamper switch and cam-lock


    Dual-Voltage Access Control Power Supply; Model APS-300
    Alarm Controls – Data Sheet