Alarm Controls RP-44SLIM

Narrow Stainless Steel Plate, DPDT Alternate Action

Condition: New
Brand: Alarm Controls
Status: Active
SKU: 23502
Manufacturer Part #: RP-44SLIM


Remote wall plates with single or multiple indicating push buttons that change from black to orange when depressed. Ideal for applications where zone shunting is required. See Options for size and label selections.

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Weight 0.4 lbs

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  • RP-44SLIM, RP-45SLIMLINE switch mounted on narrow 1-1/2” wall plate (RP-44 and RP-45models only)
  • RP-46P/F/M with Police, Fire, Medical Station labels in black (RP-46 model only)
  • RP-46P/F/M3C with Police, Fire, Medical Station colored labels (RP-46 model only)
  • FA-200 Replacement button
  • Finishes: multiple plate finishes available
  • Custom screening available


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