Altronix T1MK1F4SD

4-Door Altronix/Mercury Access and Power Integration Kit – Trove1M1 with eFlow4NB, PDS8CB, ACM4CB, VR6

  • Factory New
Brand: Altronix Part #: 19848 Category: Manufacturer Part #: T1MK1F4SD


Altronix T1MK1F4SD Trove Mercury kit is pre-assembled and consists of Trove1M1 enclosure/ backplane with factory installed Altronix power supply/charger and sub-assemblies. This kit also accommodates various combinations of Mercury boards for up to four (4) doors in a single enclosure. Trove simplifies board layout and wire management, reduces installation time and labor costs.

*Compatible with these authentic Mercury partners: AccessNsite, Avigilon, BadgePass, BluBox, Feenics, Genetec, Identicard, IMRON, Johnson Controls, Kastle, Keri Systems, Lenel/S2, LockState, Maxxess, Midpoint Security, NLSS, Open Options, Panasonic Video Insight, Quintron, RS2, Schneider Electric, Vanderbilt


Weight 20.23 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 14.50 × 4.62 in




Access & Power Integration Solution; T1MK1F4SD
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