Amseco SHB24-75

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Amseco’s SHB24-75 horn strobe

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Amseco’s SHB24-75 indoor and outdoor strobe and horn/strobes are designed to provide audible and/or visible signals for fi re and burglar alarm protection systems and notifi cation signals for the purpose of life safety and protection. They meet or exceed NFPA/ANSI Standards. The unit by itself is approved as an outdoor appliance under UL 1638 (strobe) and UL 464 (horn). The SHB/SLB24-75 Series operates on 24V system panels having an output voltage of either DC or FWR between 16-33V. These audible/ visual signals can be connected either independently or in unison. It can be synchronized by using the Amseco Sync Module SMD10-3A. The horn for the SHB24 can be silenced while the strobe remains fl ashing. The SLB24-75 Series is a high performance, high intensity, solid state, indoor/outdoor, 24V DC strobe.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.13 × 6.5 in