Bosch Security B208


Octo-input Module; Provides 8 programmable inputs.

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The B208 Octo-input Module is an 8 point expansion device that connects to the control panel through the SDI2 bus. This module is fully supervised and communicates back to the control panel all point status changes. The module expansion points operate the same as the points on the control panel. Industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities are typical installations for the B208 module. The B208 connects to the SDI2 bus on the control panel using SDI2 terminals, or using the interconnect cable. You can connect multiple B208 modules to a single control panel. The B208 address switches allow for ease of use in device addressing.


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Bosch Security

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  • Programmable input point functions
  • Easy to read switch addressing
  • 2 interconnect wiring connectors
  • Provides eight points


B208 Octo-input Module
Bosch Security – Data Sheet – 2015
B208 Octo-input Module
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