Bosch Security FMR-7033

LCD annunciator and control keypad
Combines remote annunciator and controller functions for fire alarm systems controlled by an FPD‐7024 Fire Alarm Control Panel

Condition: New
Brand: Bosch Security
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 50636
Manufacturer Part #: FMR-7033


The FMR‐7033 LCD Keypad combines remote annunciator and controller functions for fire alarm systems controlled by the FPD‐7024 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs). It operates identically to the built‐in user interface on the FACPs. You can connect up to four keypads to an FACP.

The keypad allows starting local system tests, system programming, system control, and viewing the system’s event log remotely. It provides passcode‐protected access to system functions allowing installation in areas open to the general public.

The two‐line, 32‐character LCD (liquid‐crystal display) annunciates system status and events. The top line provides general system status information, while the bottom line identifies specific devices or instructions. An internal sounder signals alarm, supervisory, and trouble conditions and annunciates keystrokes during programming and control procedures. Four status LEDs indicate supervisory, alarm, trouble, and silenced conditions. A pull‐out slide with operating instructions fits behind the mounting base.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1.20 × 4.60 × 6.30 in


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  • Compatible with the FPD-7024 FACP
  • Two-line, 32-character, alphanumeric LCD display
  • Status LEDs identify alarm, trouble, supervisory, and silenced conditions
  • Address setting by jumper
  • Remotely control system commands and programming


FMR-7033 LCD annunciator and control keypad
Bosch Security – Data Sheet – 2018
Addressable Fire System Controller; FMR-7033
Bosch Security – Installation Instructions – 2008
Upgrading From D7024 or DS9400M/I
Bosch Security – Technical Bulletin – 2011


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