Bosch Security FPD-7024-LC

Fire panel, 4-zone, 24V, no enclosure
Replacement board only, 4 detector zones (expandable to 8) with up to 20 two-wire smoke detectors per zone

  • Factory New
Brand: Bosch Security Part #: 50695 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: FPD-7024-LC


The FPD‐7024 Family FACPs can be used in commercial, retail, and public building applications. They are listed by UL for central station, local, auxiliary, and remote station systems.

The FACPs support four on‐board initiating zones that can be expanded to eight using the FPC‐7034 Four‐point expander. Each initiating zone supports two‐wire and four‐wire detectors configurable as Class A or Class B loops. Each zone can support up to 20 two‐wire detectors, or any number of four‐wire detectors depending on available power. Each FACP has a built‐in digital fire alarm communicator transmitter (DACT).

Enhance the FPD‐7024 conventional system features by adding an FPE-7039 or D7039 MUX expansion module. Adding a MUX expansion module to the FACP turns the conventional FACP into an addressable FACP. The MUX expansion module adds up to 247 addressable points to the base system. It also adds an additional 400 events to the history buffer for a total of 499 events. The module increases the number of programmable relay outputs from 19 to 59 and expands system users to 100. The FPE-7039 allows you to use FPE-7024-ISO MUX bus isolator modules. The isolator modules prevent failure of the entire bus when there is a short on the bus.


Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 10.00 × 10.00 in

Bosch Security Systems, Inc.


Bosch Security




Control Panel






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  • Four initiating zones (expandable to eight) with up to 20 two‐wire smoke detectors per zone
  • Programmable through keypads or remote programming software (RPS) through a Conettix interface module or over the public switched telephone network (PSTN)
  • Two notification appliance circuits (NACs) on board with a shared internal regulated 24 VFWR, 4 A NAC power supply
  • Easily converts to addressable with the addition of a MUX expansion module
  • Reports to two phone numbers, two IP addresses, or a phone number and an IP address


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