Bosch Security FPE-7039

Multiplex expansion module for FPD-7024
It enhances the features of the FACPs. It increases the number of addressable points to 247. It increases the number of relay outputs to 58 on the D7024/DS9400 or 59 on the FPD‐7024. It increases number of events on the history buffer to 499.

Condition: New
Brand: Bosch Security
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 50335
Manufacturer Part #: FPE-7039


The FPE‐7039 MUX expansion module is designed to enhance the conventional features of the FPD‐7024, D7024 or DS9400 FACPs. The module connects directly to the FACP and results in a total of up to 255 addressable points. The module also increases the number of relay outputs (to 58 on the D7024 control panels and 59 on FPD 7024 control panels). It adds an additional 400 events to the history buffer for a total of 499 non volatile events. It also allows for up to 100 system users (an addition of 84 PINs from the base system).

The module can be programmed remotely from a PC using the RPS Remote programming software.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 1.00 × 4.00 × 7.00 in



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  • Provides two Class B multiplex buses (supports addresses 9 to 128, 129 to 255)
  • Provides one Class A multiplex bus (supports addresses 9 to 128)
  • Allows system to support conventional and addressable devices at the same time
  • Scales from a conventional to an addressable system without changing the control panel
  • Increases event history buffer to 499 events


FPE-7039 Multiplex expansion module for FPD-7024
Bosch Security – Data Sheet – 2018
MUX expansion module; FPE-7039
Bosch Security – Installation Manual – 2016


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