Carrier HK50ZT001


Sensor Module for Duct Detector

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Brand: Carrier Part #: 71218 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: HK50ZT001


For field installed smoke detector applications, these same detectors may be used. However, unless a field installed kit is provided, the installer must determine and install the detectors in a manner consistent with the application and in compliance with all codes. Due to the wide variety of both of these issues, field installation kits are not available for all unit models. The primary intent of these detectors is to shut down the unit’s air delivery services upon an alarm trip. They are not designed as a substitute for an open area smoke detector nor a substitute for early warning detection or a replacement for a building’s regular fire detection system. Smoke detectors are not designed to detect toxic gases which can build up to hazardous levels in some fires. These devices will not operate without electrical power. As fires frequently cause power interruptions, it is recommended that the installer further safeguards with your local fire protection specialist and code enforcement agency.


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