Transmitter Fire Addressable

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Brand: CWSI Part #: 71201 Category: Manufacturer Part #: CWSI-345TS


The  model  345(TS)  fire  transmitter  is  a  UL864  and  UL1730  listed  device  designed  for   connection  to  a  normally  open  dry  contact  output.  The  transmitter  can  be  configured  to transmit  an  alarm  or  trouble*  signal  when  the  input  is  shorted  and  can  also  be configured   as  a  remote  reset  module  which  will  transmit  a  reset  signal  to  a  compatible  CWSI  control   panel. The transmitter input is selectable for two types of supervised  wiring configurations  referred to as Style 1 or Style 2 in this manual. The 345(TS) is fully supervised for tamper,  low  battery,  RF  signal  integrity  and  wiring  faults.  The  transmitter  is  powered  by  a  single  3   volt lithium battery as listed under the specifications section of this manual and the label on  the  product.  The  Model  345TS  contains  a  tamper  switch  to  monitor  opening  of  the  case   instead of the tilt switch in the Model 345. The model 345(TS) is intended to be used with  CWSI Fire Alarm Control panels. Refer to the control panel manual for compatibility details.


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  • Battery Type: 3 Volt Lithium; Duracell DL123A, Panasonic CR123A
  • Battery Life: 12 Months Minimum
  • Battery Replacement: Upon Low battery report and/or during annual maintenance
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32F to +145F
  • Operating Humidity Range 0 to 85% RH
  • Testing: Follow this manual and NFPA 72 or local requirements
  • Transmission: In compliance with FCC part 15  for  reception  on  equipment
  • manufactured by Tyco Fire & Security GmbH
  • Test Transmission: Every 90 seconds
  • Low Battery: 2.70 volts nominal
  • Compatibility: Refer to the CWSI control panel manual
  • Standby Current: 33.8 ua
  • Alarm Current: 30ma
  • Initiating loop rating: 3 Vdc, 1ma

Fire Transmitter; Model 345(TS)

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