Det-Tronics U5015A4M13F (012500-008)


SmokeWatch Explosion Proof Smoke Detector

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Det-Tronics U5015A4M13F (012500-008), Explosion Proof Smoke Detector, Aluminum (AL), 4 Port, M25 Thread Type, 0-20mA, Relay, Latching Output, FM/IECEx Approval.

The Det-Tronics SmokeWatch U5015 Explosion Proof Smoke Detector has Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings and is suitable for industrial and commercial applications. The SmokeWatch smoke detector is designed to operate effectively with smoldering and rapidly growing fires and contains the ability to annunciate fault ensuring no undisclosed failures. The U5015 Smoke Detector outputs include 0-20 mA, a localized LED, and relays.

The hot-swappable sensor module is intrinsically safe and allows live maintenance while under power, without de-classifying the hazardous area. The integrated junction box is available in a variety of port configurations for simplified wiring and installation.

Datasheet: U5015A4M13F

Ordering Information: U5015

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 7.56 × 6.61 × 5 in


Aluminum, Polycarbonate

Operating Temperature Range

-4°F – 149°F

Operating Voltage

12 – 30 VDC

Storage Temperature Range

-67°F – 158°F

Terminal Type

Terminal Block

Terminal Wire Gauge

14 – 18 AWG

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