Detectomat PL-3204-O


Optical Smoke Detector

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Brand: Detectomat Part #: B02C-8151 Categories: , , Manufacturer Part #: PL-3204-O


Optical smoke detector for Loop 3000 with 2 optical sensors for earliest fire detection and indication.

  • Pollution detection of the smoke measurement chamber by an additional optical path
  • Detector sensitivities automatically calibrated and freely programmable
  • Fault monitoring of the measurement chamber signal and Loop 300-electronics
  • Periodic sensor test
  • Automatic and manual addressing with Loop 3000
  • Alarm output to control parallel indicator
  • Functions completely integrated via Loop 3000-protocol
  • Freely programmable sensitivity settings for presence/absence
  • Storage of last maintenance date
  • Mapping of a temperature profile of the panel
  • Multicolor LED for alarm (red) and fault (yellow)


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