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Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

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The PowerG Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector provides early warning of fire.

It alerts occupants of the room by activating the built-in 85db alarm buzzer and flashing LED light when smoke or temperature exceeding 57°C (135°F) are detected.

At the same time, it transmits a coded signal to the control panel to activate the system siren, alerting the end user and/or central monitoring station to send onsite assistance.

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  • Provides accurate early fire warning, with audio and visual alerts, when smoke or high temperature is detected
  • Enhances safety and facilitates maintenance, with alerts for device tampering and low battery
  • Ensures performance using built-in PowerG leading-edge wireless intrusion technology with two-way communication
  • Offers long-lasting value with a 3-year battery life (with typical use)
  • Large transmission range enables repeater-free installations
  • Speeds up installations with visible link quality indicator on the device
  • Simple wall or ceiling installation, with bracket
  • Protected by a back tamper


PowerG Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
Tyco – Product Brochure – 2019
PowerG Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
Tyco – Data Sheet – 2019
Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector; PG9936 / PG8936 / PG4936
Tyco – Installation and Operating Instructions


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