Dual Line Receiver with IP

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Brand: DSC FireAlarm.com Part #: 80536 Category: Manufacturer Part #: G-SYSTEM-I-IP


Building upon the lineage of our trusted Sur-Gard monitoring station receivers, the System II single-line IP receiver is designed for proprietary applications such as college/university campuses, gated communities/ condominiums, dealers monitoring account system status, private corporate security and government facilities. The receiver calendar stamps all alarm data it receives before transmitting it to automation (via TCP/IP, USB or serial outputs). Alarm data can also be transmitted directly to a printer using the parallel printer port and be viewed on the LCD screen on the front of the receiver. Programmable via PC-based SG-Systems Console software or manually using the scroll buttons and LCD display, the receiver can be configured for desktop standalone operation (vertical stacking of up to four systems) or 19” rackmount installation.


Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.30 × 1.70 in




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Product Notes

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  • Multi-format receiver
  • Integrated scheduled receiver line card testing
  • Up to 63 different profiles and up to eight different handshakes per profile
  • 500-event memory buffer on each individual POTS channels
  • Patented ANI and DNIS reception, Automatic Handshake Selection (AHS), Caller ID capability and virtual configurations
  • Continuous verification of computer (automation) connection
  • One parallel, one serial, one USB, one TCP/IP printer port available
  • One serial, one TCP/IP automation port available
  • One USB, one TCP/IP console port available
  • Non-volatile RAM for programming and event buffer
  • Optional support for 512 IP Communicators
  • Rack mount in standard 19-inch rack with the SG-SII-RMK
  • 128 Bit AES encryption over IP
  • Menu-driven, 40-character, 2-line LCD display with blue backlighting provides instruction when in manual mode
  • 4 buttons for manual programming and acknowledgement of alarm signals when in manual mode
  • Universal power supply compatible with 110/220 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Onboard flash memory and DSP for future software upgrades and enhancements
  • SG−SYS1512IP – Additional 512 IP accounts for Sur-Gard − System I (Licensed software upgrade)


Sur-Gard System II; Single Line Network Receiver
DSC – Operating Manual