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Shock Sensor

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DSC shock sensors, SS-101 and SS-102, have the ability to detect and analyze seismic vibrations caused by attempted break-ins before the intruder is able to enter the premise. These sensors are ideal for residential, commercial, government buildings and financial facilities. They feature a unique bi-colored LED to indicate minor or major attacks, full anti-tamper protection, a moisture-resistant electronics module, and an analyzer that enables sensitivity adjustment of the sensors. Both sensors have a high immunity to low-frequency false alarms and radio interference and are compatible with all makes of control panels. The SS-102 is able to monitor for minor vibrations (and count them to a preset limit) and for major attacks at the same time.


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  • Effective early detection of break-in attempts
  • Universal control panel compatibility
  • Unique bi-colored LED
  • Full anti-tamper protection
  • Moisture-resistant electronics module
  • Dual-stage linear sensitivity adjustment
  • High immunity to false alarms and radio interference
  • Automatic relay reset
  • Adjustable pulse count (2, 4 or 6) (SS-102 only)
  • Meets the requirements of B.S 4737
  • CE approved, C-Tek, FCC listed


DSC Shock Sensors; SS-101/SS-102
DSC – Data Sheet – 2006
Electronic Shock Sensor; SS-102
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