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92 series Amber Replacement Lens

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The Edwards 92 Series AdaptaBeacon Light Duty strobe features convenient size and brilliant light output. Complementing fresnels cause the dome to “fill” with light each time the strobe flashes. This design feature increases the AdaptaBeacon “on-time”, thus improving viewer perception. Beam distance is increased with external fresnel lenses. Lenses are available in six colors: red, amber, blue, green, magenta and clear.


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8.70 × 8.70 × 6.25 in




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  • Xenon strobe light source
  • Flash rate 65 fpm
  • Cast base can function as a junction box
  • Optically designed fresnel lenses
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • For outdoor use, lens should face up
  • Option for panel, conduit or box mounting
  • Designed for 4″ octagonal box mounting
  • Operating temperature range: -31F to 150F (-35C to 66C)

Beacons Flashing Xenon; 92 Series

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