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6.5 Amp Auxiliary Power Supply

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The Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) is a UL 864, 10th Edition listed power supply. It is a 24 Vdc filtered-regulated, and supervised unit that can easily be configured to provide additional notification appliance circuits (NACs) or auxiliary power for Mass Notification/ Emergency Communication (MNEC), as well as life safety applications.

The APS contains the circuitry to monitor and charge internal or external batteries. Its steel enclosure has room for up to two 24 ampere-hour batteries. The APS has four Class B (convertible to two Class A) NACs. These can be activated in one or two groups from the APS’s unique dual input circuits. The APS has a door-mounted AC power indicator LED.

The APS also has room for and can power a number of different modules. These can be Signature AA-30 or AA-50 dual-channel audio amplifiers, SIGA-UIO modules and/or SIGA-RELs. A MN- BKRT3 can also be installed. This bracket can accommodate an MN-NETSW1 Ethernet network switch, an MN-FVPN VoIP module and a MN-COM1S Communications module

The APS is available in 6.5 or 10 ampere models. Each output circuit has a capacity of three amperes; total current draw cannot exceed the unit’s rating.

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Dimensions 5.30 × 15.00 × 26.00 in








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  • Allows for reliable filtered and regulated power to be installed where needed
  • Cost effective system expansion
  • Provides for Genesis and Enhanced Integrity notification appliance synchronization
  • Supports coded output operation
  • Self-restoring overcorrect protection
  • Multiple signal rates
  • Can be cascaded or controlled independently
  • Easy field configuration
  • On-board diagnostic LEDs identify wiring or internal faults
  • Standard EDWARDS keyed lockable steel cabinet with removable door
  • 110 and 230 Vac models available
  • Accommodates 18 to 12 AWG wire sizes
  • Optional tamper switch
  • Dual battery charging rates
  • Optional earthquake hardening: OSHPD seismic pre-approval for component importance Factor 1.5


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