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Addressable Analog Circuit Module

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The 3-AADC1 Addressable Analog Circuit Module is a local rail module used on the EST3 system. The module requires one connection on the rail chassis. The module can support 99 addressable analog sensors and 99 addressable analog modules. The controller also features a hinged front panel for a Control Display Module, which are available in a variety of LED and/or switch configurations. The 3-AADC1 is a direct replacement for the 3-AADC and 100% backward compatible.

The microprocessor based 3-AADC1 provides internal test and diagnostic functions for troubleshooting. The controller contains nonvolatile memory that stores the operating system software and data file which is downloaded from a PC. The System Definition Utility Program accomplishes data file programming including the device type, address, description, sensitivity, verification, and wiring configuration. The 3-AADC1 continuously checks the output value of each device, reporting status to the cabinet CPU. The module can isolate ground faults to a specific addressable loop.

All field wiring connections to the module are made via plug-in connectors, permitting termination of field wiring without the module installed in the enclosure. The plug-in connectors and snap rivet module mounting facilitate rapid remove and replace troubleshooting without the use of tools.


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  • Class A (Style 7) or Class B (Style 4)
  • Continuous monitoring of analog device values
  • Ground fault detection by loop
  • Removable field wiring terminals
  • Fully backward compatible with the 3-AADC
  • Listed for fire and security

Addressable Analog Device Controller; 3-AADC1(-E)


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