Edwards EST 3-ASU/FT


Audio Source Unit with Local Microphone and Firefighters Telephone.

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The efficient EST3 audio system provides for intuitive local and remote audio control for Mass Notification/Emergency Communications (MNEC), Life Safety and other approved uses. EST3 audio builds from standard modules that fit together easily. Audio components use standard EST3 cabinets and power supplies.

Taking full advantage of digital technology, up to eight channels of audio sources transmit over a single twisted pair of wires or fiber optic cables between nodes. Coupling the inherent reliability and performance of zoned amplifiers with EST3 simplified user interfaces makes audio system design and operation easy and dependable.

The 3-ASU is seamlessly integrated into an EST3 system to provide for a rugged and reliable communications package that can be configured for Mass Notification/Emergency Communication (MNEC), as well as fire alarm and other emergency functions. The 3-ASU audio source unit supports eight channels of clear digital audio that is easily distributed to panels containing 3-ZA rail amplifiers. The 3-ASU supports digital storage and playback of pre-recorded messages as well as live paging. The optional 3-FTCU provides a unique, space-saving and easy-to-operate control point for dedicated emergency/firefighter two-way telephones.

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  • Eight channels for audio source selection
  • Audio data to remote EST3 panels with amplifiers can be transmitted over twisted copper wires or fiber optic cables (see DATA SHEET E85010-0131 for details on EST3 fiber optic communications)
  • Listed for Mass Notification/Emergency Communications
  • UL2572 as CCS or ACU or LOC.
  • Part of an end-to-end audio solution suitable for low frequency signaling in sleeping areas
  • Auxiliary audio input interface for campus paging, telephone interface, etc.
  • Single fiber optic filament or one twisted pair or wires between nodes
  • VU display shows paging output level
  • Ready-to-page LED
  • Digital transmission of audio signals
    • greater noise immunity
    • high quality signal transmission
  • On board storage of programmed messages and tones
  • Optional LCD display of fire phone calls
  • Optional earthquake hardening: OSHPD seismic pre-approval for component Importance Factor 1.5


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