Edwards EST 3-BPS/M-230


Booster Power Supply w/ local rail module 230V 50/60 Hz

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Condition: New
Brand: Edwards, EST
Status: Obsolete
SKU: 42286
Manufacturer Part #: 3-BPS/M-230
Replacement: 4-PPS/M


EST3 Power supplies consist of two assemblies, a high efficiency switch mode power supply card and a power supply monitor module. The monitor module mounts to the local rail and distributes the power from its supply to the local rail. The local rail distributes power from all power supplies to other local rail modules and user interface cards resulting in “Shared Power” throughout the system. By paralleling the power supplies on a rail maximum utilization of available power is possible, resulting in fewer power supplies. Up to four power supplies combine in a single enclosure providing up to 28 amps of available power. Battery backup is provided using from one to four sets of batteries, depending on standby power requirements.

Power supplies mount to the back of the chassis units or wallboxes. The associated power supply monitor module mounts on the local rail providing system power distribution and mounting space for any control display module. Access to auxiliary power is via easily accessible terminal blocks located on the power supply monitor module. Each power supply produces 7 Amps of filtered and regulated power. With four power supplies located in an enclosure (one primary and three booster power supplies) 28 amps of current is available for local rail modules, control display modules and the eight auxiliary 3.5 amp power outputs (two per supply).

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  • High efficiency switch mode
  • Increased power distribution efficiency
    • power supplies parallel allowing up to 28 amps in a single node
  • 120 or 230 Vac operation
  • 7 AMP filtered and regulated
  • Two 3.5 AMP outputs
  • Temperature compensated, dual rated battery charger
  • Electronic power limiting
  • Automatic load testing of batteries


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