Edwards EST 3-CAB5R


Cabinet with Wallbox, Door, and Chassis

Available With a Lead Time

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EST3 has a wide selection of cabinet arrangements allowing the greatest use of EST3’s flexible modular design. Lobby enclosure wallboxes are manufactured from #14 AWG cold rolled steel with a gray baked enamel finish. Lobby enclosure doors are manufactured from #14 AWG cold rolled steel and have a modern contoured door design with integral viewing window.

EST3 lobby enclosures provide space for control, monitoring and display modules where they remain visible even with the door closed and secure. Ideal for mounting in lobby’s where appearance is important, maximum mounting flexibility is provided with doors that will mount for right or left hand opening. Lobby enclosures come in several sizes to match individual project requirements.

The 3-CAB5 series semi-flush or surface mounts. A built in rail assembly provides space for up to five local rail modules, no chassis assembly needed. Back space for 1-1/2 footprints gives room for a power supply and a 1/2 footprint module and 10 AH batteries. The local rail module spaces provide room for amplifiers, common control and annunciation modules.

Datasheet: 3-CAB5R

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Weight 30.00 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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