Edwards EST 3-REMICP


Remote microphone in chassis for use in CAB series cabinets

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Brand: Edwards FireAlarm.com Part #: 42441 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 3-REMICP


The remote microphone panel is a supervised remote microphone, used with the Audio Source Unit’s (3-ASU) remote microphone input. The remote microphone panel is available in two packages. The 3-REMICA is designed to mount in two spaces of a 3-ANN series annunciator enclosure. Model 3-REMICP mounts in a CAB series enclosure on a 3-CHASS4 rail assembly. Both panels include a dynamic push-to-talk microphone and operator interface panel.

Each microphone panel has two external audio inputs. Using the external inputs, up to 63 microphone panels can be connected to a single 3-ASU. The first panel to initiate a page seizes control of the remote 3-ASU input and automatically prevents the other remote panels from issuing a page while the first unit is in use. The built-in 3-ASU microphone has a higher priority than any remote micro- phone, and will override a remote page.

The front panel provides Local Page Active, Remote Page Active, and Trouble LED indicators as well as an integral VU (Volume Unit) meter to indicate page volume level.

All panels utilize a 24 Vdc power source. Provisions are made for redundant power supplies. All wiring is supervised. A form C trouble contact is provided for use with a Signature input module to report trouble back to the system.


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  • Up to 63 remote microphones per ASU
  • Annunciator or cabinet mounting
  • VU meter and status LEDs
  • Active remote mic has priority with ASU priority override
  • All wiring is supervised

EST3 Remote Microphones

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