Edwards EST 3-RS485A


Network Communications Card, Class A (Style 7)

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The Network Communications card mounts to the back of the Central Processor Unit. The 3-RS485A card provides a Class A (Style 7) or Class B (Style 4) circuit for network communications signals and two additional Class A (Style 7) circuits for the digitized audio signals. The 3-RS485B card provides a Class B (Style 4) or Class A (Style 7) circuit for network communications signals and a second Class B (Style 4) circuit for the digitized audio signals. Network messages received by the Network Communications card are re-transmitted to the next network node. Re-transmission maximizes the wire run lengths between nodes. With 64 nodes miles of network length is possible. Fail safe mechanisms built into the card direct connect the data input and output ports should the network card or its related Central Processor fail. Network communications may be configured via copper or fiber media using the 3-FIBMB.


Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 in



EST3 Central Processor Unit; 3-CPU3, 3-RS485A, 3-RS485B, 3-RS232
GE Security – Data Sheet


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