Edwards EST 3-SDC1


Signature Device Card – upgrades a 3-SSDC1 to a 3-SDDC1

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Brand: EST FireAlarm.com Part #: 15804 Categories: , , , Manufacturer Part #: 3-SDC1


The 3-SSDC1 and 3-SDDC1 Signature Driver Controller modules provide an intelligent interface between the 3-CPU3 module and Signature Series devices. Each module contains its own microprocessor used to coordinate, process and interpret information received from and sent to Signature devices. Power and communications is received directly from the control panel rail assembly. The 3-SSDC1 Single Signature Driver Controller module supports one Signature Data circuit, while the 3-SDDC1 Signature Dual Driver Controller module supports two Signature circuits. Both modules occupy one rail space in the fire alarm control cabinet and provide removable field wiring terminals to aid installation.

Innovative design gives the 3-SSDC1/3-SDDC1 and Signature devices truly “distributed intelligence”. Signature detectors and modules have their own on-board microprocessor communicating with the loop controller in a fully digital communication format. This increases the accuracy of the information coming to and from the loop controller by reducing the effects of capacitance and noise.

3-SDC1 Signature Device Card – upgrades a 3-SSDC1 to a 3-SDDC1.


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Signature Driver Controller Modules
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