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The Edwards FireShield Series has several remote annunciation options. The serial remote annunciator bus can be run up to 1000 feet on untwisted non-shielded 18-gauge cable. Several annunciator models round out the family to provide a range of features and functions. As many as three annunciators may be mounted in a single standard electrical box, sharing an attractive trim plate that blends with any decor.

The FSRSI Remote System Indicator is ideal for common system annunciation. It includes four LEDs and a local silence/lamp test switch. The LEDs indicate power status, alarm, supervisory, trouble and ground fault. The silence switch will silence the onboard trouble buzzer if active. The switch can also be used to initiate a lamp test of the LEDs on all connected FSRSIs and FSRZI-As.

The FSRZI-A Remote Zone Indicator is used to indicate zone status. It contains five red LEDs. Depending on the jumper setting selected, the LEDs will indicate either IDCs 1 through 5 or IDCs 6 through 10. The panel can support two modules programmed for each selection.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


Edwards FSRSI & FSRZI-A Data Sheet
FSRSI Remote System Indicator Installation Sheet

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