Ceiling/Wall Horn-Strobe, White, “FIRE” Marking, Selectable High Output

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Genesis ceiling horn-strobes are small, compact, and attractive audible-visible emergency signaling devices. Protruding no more than 1.6” (41 mm), Genesis horn-strobes blend with any decor.

Thanks to patented breakthrough technology, Edwards Genesis strobes do not require bulky specular reflectors and lenses. Instead, an exclusive cavity design conditions light to produce a highly controlled distribution pattern. Significant development efforts employing this new technology have given rise to a new benchmark in strobe performance – FullLight technology.

FullLight strobe technology produces a smooth light distribution pattern without the spikes and voids characteristic of specular reflectors. This ensures the entire coverage area receives consistent illumination from the strobe flash. As a result, Genesis strobes with FullLight technology go well beyond the minimum UL-required “cross” pattern.

Depending on the model, Genesis horn-strobes feature 15 to 95, or 95 to 177 candela output (see ordering information), which is selectable with a conveniently-located switch on the front of the device. The candela output setting is clearly visible even after final installation, yet it remains locked in place to prevent unauthorized movement after installation.

Genesis horn-strobes feature textured housings in architecturally neutral white or eye-catching fire alarm red. An ingenious iconographic symbol indicates the purpose of the device. This universal symbol is code-compliant and is easily recognized by all building occupants regardless of what language they speak. Models with “FIRE” markings are also available.


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Replacement: EGCAVWF or GCAVWF


  • Field configurable – no need to remove the device
  • Unique low-profile design
  • Easy to install
  • Unparalleled performance


EST Genesis Series Data Sheet
Edwards – Data Sheet

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