Edwards EST IOP3A


RS-232 Optical Isolator Card

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Manufacturer Part #: IOP3A
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The IOP3A is an optically isolated RS-232 card that electrically isolates the power between the CM1(N), CM2N, FCC, 2-MCM(N), QuickStart, and 3-CPU(1). The IOP3A also provides power for use with short haul modems and fiber optic drivers. The IOP3A is a ½ size footprint card that is mounted in an enclosure adjacent to the

CM1(N), CM2N, FCC, 2-MCM(N), QuickStart, and 3-CPU(1). The module is powered by the system power supply that provides battery back up. The IOP3A, through it’s on-card regulator, generates isolated power for the RS-232 drivers. The on-card regulator also provides isolated 12 Vdc power for use with external modems and drivers. Two RS-232 ports are provided that operate parallel with each other. A DB-9 connector is available for a con-venient point of connection for a system program download cable.

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  • Optically isolates RS-232 signals
  • Built-in transient suppression
  • Supports short haul modems
  • Supports fiber drivers
  • Supports RDU modems
  • Drives two RS-232 peripheral devices
  • Built in DB-9 connector for program download
  • Battery backed up
  • 24 Vdc powered
  • 1/2 size footprint module
  • Low standby current


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RS-232 Optical Isolator Card; IOP3A


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