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The SAN serial annunciator is a member of the data line and consumes one panel address. The SAN annunciator is not only an annunciating device but may be configured as a system control center. SAN option modules are connected via ribbon cable to the CPU card to customize the configuration of the annunciator per your requirements. Each SAN option module is 10.25 in x 2.75 in (HW) metal plate with standoffs on the rear with a control PC card. The front of each SAN module is covered with black LEXAN overlay with a legend pocket for those modules requiring switch and LED legends. A legend sheet in a choice of five different colors comes with each module so the legend may be typed adjacent to each switch or LED and inserted into the pocket. Each SAN module mounts to the SAN cabinet with black anodized screws. Each SAN contains a CPU card capable of supporting 96 inputs and 96 outputs (one panel address). The SAN may be configured using an RS-485, 20 mA data line.

The SAN-CPU card is the microprocessor controller, power supply and RS-485 data line interface card. A minimum of one is required for each SAN enclosure. The controller card contains LEDs for polling status and a DIP switch to set the panel address. Each SAN-CPU card will monitor 96 inputs (switches, SIN-16 circuits) and 96 outputs (LEDs, relay drivers). The CPU card mounts to the back wall of the SAN-4 and SAN-8 cabinets and to a side-mount plate on the RSAN-6 cabinet. Mounting studs are provided in the SAN-8 cabinet so that an additional CPU card may be mounted, if required. The SAN-CPU card is connected via ribbon cable to each of the SAN modules. The CPU card requires a 24 Vdc power connection and a RS-485 data (class A or B) connection.


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SAN Serial Annunciators

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