Edwards EST SIGA-RB4


4-inch Detector Mounting Base with Relay, comes with Trim Skirt

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Detector mounting bases have wiring terminals that are accessible from the “room-side” after mounting the base to the electrical box. The bases mount to North American 1-gang boxes and to 3½ inch or 4 inch octagon boxes, 1½ inches (38 mm) deep. They also mount to European BESA and 1-gang boxes with 60.3 mm fixing centers. The SIGA-SB4, SIGA-RB4, and SIGA-IB4 mount to North American 4 inch sq. electrical boxes in addition to the above boxes. They include the SIGA-TS4 Trim Skirt, which is used to cover the “mounting ears” on the base.

This base includes a relay. Normally Open or Normally Closed operation is selected during installation. The dry contact is rated for 1 amp (pilot duty) @ 30 Vdc. The relay’s position is supervised to avoid accidentally jarring it out of position. The SIGA-RB can be operated as a control relay if programmed to do so at the control panel. The relay base does not support the SIGA-LED Remote LED.


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