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The SIGA-TCDR Temporal Pattern Generator is an addressable device that generates CO and fire signal sound patterns for AB4GT and AB4G-LF sounder bases. The control panel sends synchronization and channel commands to the SIGA-TCDR; the channel selection determines the pattern. In the U.S. Channel 1 is TC3 and Channel 2 is TC4. In Europe, Channel 1 is TC4 and Channel 2 is TC3 (in case both channels are activated Channel 1 has priority). Other markets depend on local requirements.

The SIGA-TCDR module uses two addresses on the signaling line circuit (SLC). Address 1 is tied to Channel 1; Address 2 is tied to Channel 2.

Depending on the type of alarm, the panel can select the corresponding pattern and send the activation command to the SIGA-TCDR.

To control all sounder bases in the loop, use a SIGA-CRR module. The panel sends a signal to the SIGA-CRR causing it to reverse polarity. With the polarity on the riser reversed, all the sounder bases on this loop activate. The SIGA-TCDR maintains synchronization by processing the SYNC commands from the loop controller.

Datasheet: SIGA-TCDR

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