Edwards EST3 Life Safety Control Platform

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    Brand: EST FireAlarm.com Part #: 36431 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: EST3


    EST3 is a modular control platform uniquely designed to meet the needs of applications ranging from standalone single panel fire alarm systems to multi-panel networks with unified fire alarm, security, and Mass Notification functions. Each function uses many of the same components, simplifying system layouts.

    Virtually all EST3 operating features are software-controlled. A powerful System Definition Utility program helps define system operations in a fraction of the time required by previous methods. This gives EST3 great site flexibility and ensures operational changes and upgrades will be possible years after the initial installation.

    EST3 is uniquely designed to meet the life safety needs of any size facility. The function of each panel can be customized by using an extensive selection of plug and play local rail modules.

    With support for 64 nodes of up to 2,500 devices each, this network’s multi-priority peer-to-peer token ring protocol delivers a fast alarm response time across any size network. Add to that the ability to network panels with fiber or copper connections with an overall length of 160000 ft – that’s 30 miles – and you’ve got virtually unlimited networking options.

    EST3 Brochure: E85010-0124

    EST3 Submittal Guide: E85010-0099


    Weight 30.00 lbs
    Dimensions 16.40 × 3.86 × 24.25 in

    Base Platform

    E85006-0046 — Keypad Display
    E85006-0064 — Life Safety Keypad Display
    E85010-0055 — EST3 Control Display Modules
    E85010-0057 — EST3 Zoned Audio Amplifiers
    E85010-0059 — EST3 Power Supplies
    E85010-0061 — EST3 Hardwired Module
    E85010-0063 — EST3 Audio and Telephone Masters
    E85010-0067 — EST3 Cabinets and Chassis
    E85010-0069 — EST3 Remote Annunciators
    E85010-0071 — EST3 Liquid Crystal Display Module
    E85010-0075 — EST3 Off Premise Signaling Module
    E85010-0085 — EST3 Centralized Banked Amplifiers
    E85010-0105 — EST3 Remote Microphones
    E85010-0107 — EST3 Modem Communicator
    E85010-0109 — Security & Annunciation Control Module
    E85010-0111 — Battery Distribution Unit
    E85010-0113 — Network Short Haul Modem Communications Interface
    E85010-0115 — Ground Fault Detection Module
    E85010-0128 — Addressable Analog Device Controller
    E85010-0129 — Signature Driver Controller Modules
    E85010-0131 — Fiber Optic Communications Interface
    E85010-0133 — EST3 Central Processor Unit
    E85010-0135 — Eight Event Liquid Crystal Display Module
    E85010-0145 — EST3 Base Platform, Fire Alarm
    E85010-0150 — EST3 to BMS Communications Bridges

    Mass Notification

    E85001-0637 — Lightweight High Power Speaker Arrays
    E85001-0638 — Lightweight Medium Power Speaker Arrays
    E85001-0653 — Portable Loudspeaker System
    E85001-0658 — UL Listed Medium Power Speaker Array
    E85010-0143 — VoIP Encoder, Decoder
    E85010-0144 — Mass Notification Communications
    E85010-0148 — EST3 Local Operations Console
    E85010-0149 — Ethernet Network I-O Module
    E85010-0151 — Preamp Supervision Module
    E85010-0152 — Terminal Block Module
    E85010-0153 — Managed Ethernet Switches


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