Edwards Signaling E-HD

Intelligent Analog Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

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Brand: Edwards Signaling FireAlarm.com Part #: 38713 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: E-HD


This intelligent analog device can be configured as either a 135F fixed temperature heat sensor, or a combination rate-of-rise with fixed temperature. The heat sensor monitors the temperature of the air and determines whether an alarm should be initiated. The E-HD is capable of performing comprehensive self-diagnostics and storing the data.

Thanks to its advanced thermistor technology, the E-HD detector is ideal for sensing fast, flaming fires and for applications where smoke detection is inappropriate. It is particularly well-suited to areas such as laundries and industries where fluctuations in ambient temperature is expected.


Weight 0.2 lbs

Rotary Dials


Thermal Rating


Detection Method

Fixed Temperature, Rate-of-Rise


Edwards Signaling

Production Status



  • Optical smoke, heat, and multi sensor models available
  • Field replaceable optical chamber
  • Highly stable design
  • Compatible standard, relay, isolator, and audible bases
  • Head and terminal base tamper resistant design for fast installation and security
  • Self diagnostic capability with on-board storage of data
  • Optical detectors feature automatic rate compensated sensitivity adjustment, as well as dirty sensor warnings
  • Manufactured to strict international ISO 9001 standards
  • Low profile aesthetically pleasing design


Application Bulletin: Smoke, Heat, and Duct Detectors
Data Sheet: Intelligent/Addressable Detectors & Bases
Installation Sheet: E-HD Fixed-Temperature/Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector

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