Edwards Signaling E-PDD

Intelligent Duct Detector

Condition: New
Brand: Edwards Signaling
Status: Active
SKU: 38716
Manufacturer Part #: E-PDD
Replacement: FX-PDD


The Edwards Signaling E-PDD Duct Smoke Detector is designed for easy installation and represents the perfect balance of practical design and advanced technology.

The E-PDD features a unique design that speeds installation and simplifies maintenance. Removable dust filters, conformally coated circuit boards, and optional water-resistant gaskets keep contaminants away from components, ensuring years of trouble-free service. When cleaning is required, the assemblies come apart easily and snap back together in seconds.

The duct smoke detector’s primary purpose is to provide early warning of an impending fire and shut down the HVAC unit in order to prevent smoke from circulating throughout the building. The duct smoke detector is designed for use in duct applications where temperatures can exceed standard detector capabilities.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 8.70 × 5.45 × 1.90 in

Rotary Dials

Detection Method




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  • Less than 2″ deep for easy installation and applications where space is tight
  • 32 to 120 °F (0 to 50 °C) operating range with 100 ft/min. to 4,000 ft/min air velocity rating assures reliability under harsh environmental conditions
  • Status LEDs remain visible through clear assembly cover
  • Cover monitor switch for added security
  • Standard sampling tube spacing for easy drop-in migration from other detectors
  • Sampling tube can be installed with or without the cover in place and can be rotated in 45-degree increments to ensure proper alignment with duct airflow
  • 15.2 to 19.95 Vdc operation
  • Magnet-activated test switch
  • One Form C auxiliary alarm relay for controlling ancillary equipment (e.g., HVAC controls)
  • No special tools required for easy access to field connections
  • Environmental compensation with differential sensing for reliable, stable, and drift-free sensitivity
  • Wide 0.79% to 2.46% obscuration/ft. smoke sensitivity
  • Identification of dirty or defective detectors


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