Edwards Signaling SD-2WPCB

Replacement PCB, 2-Wire Sensor Kit

Condition: New
Brand: Edwards Signaling
Status: Active
SKU: 7177
Manufacturer Part #: SD-2WPCB


SuperDuct is slim feature-rich alternative to bulky duct smoke detectors. Designed for easy installation and superb reliability, SuperDuct represents the perfect balance of practical design and advanced technology.

SuperDuct detectors feature a unique design that speeds installation and simplifies maintenance. Removable dust filters, conformally coated circuit boards, and optional water-resistant gaskets keep contaminants away from components, ensuring years of trouble-free service. When cleaning is required, the assemblies come apart easily and snap back together in seconds.

SuperDuct detectors use differential sensing to prevent gradual environmental changes from triggering false alarms. A rapid change in environmental conditions, such as smoke from a fire, causes the detector to automatically signal an alarm condition but dust and debris accumulated over time does not change alarm sensitivity.

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Two-wire Duct Smoke Detector; SuperDuct Series


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