Silent Knight RPS-1000B


Intelligent Power Supply, Black

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Condition: New
Brand: Farenhyt
Status: Active
SKU: 80634
Manufacturer Part #: RPS-1000B


RPS-1000 is an intelligent distributed power module that adds 6.0 amps of power, six Flexput™ I/O circuits, and two Form C relay circuits to a compatible Honeywell Farenhyt Series addressable system. The RPS-1000 is available in a red (RPS-1000) or black (RPS-1000B) cabinet. The RPS- 1000 connects to the FACP via the RS-485 system bus allowing up to an additional 6,000 feet of wiring. Each RPS- 1000 is optically isolated providing ground loop isolation and transient protection. RPS-1000 supports its own backup battery and monitors the AC power. The Flexput circuits can be programmed as notification appliance circuits, continuous, re-settable, or door holder power, or as conventional initiation circuits for 2 or 4-wire smoke detectors and contact devices (e.g. pull stations) installation.

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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 14.50 × 24.75 × 3.90 in



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6 Amp Intelligent Distributed Power Module; RPS-1000 / RPS-1000B
Honeywell – Data Sheet


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