Fike 10-1832


Agent Release Module (ARM III)

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Brand: Fike Part #: 71449 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: 10-1832


The Agent Release Module (ARM III), Fike P/N 10-1832, in conjunction with a Fike Control Panel, allows the Gas Cartridge Actuators, Fike P/N 70-1651, used with Fike Clean Agent containers to be wired in parallel. This configuration substantially increases the overall reliability of the Clean Agent releasing circuit. With series-wired actuator circuits, a problem in a single actuator will incapacitate the entire system. Utilizing parallel-wired actuators, that same incident would incapacitate only that individual Clean Agent container; all others would still be active. The Agent Release Module (ARM III) is compatible with either Class A or Class B wiring. When an ARM III is used in a Class A wiring configuration, the resulting system is the most reliable available for today’s Fire Protection.


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Agent Release Module

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