Fire-Lite MS-9200UD

Intelligent Addressable FACP with Built-In Modem

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Brand: Fire-Lite Part #: 47308 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: MS-9200UD


The Fire•Lite MS-9200UD is a compact, cost-effective, intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel with a capacity of 198 addressable Fire•Lite devices on one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) and a built-in modem for remote site upload/download or remote monitoring.

The Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop supports up to 99 addressable detectors including photoelectric, photoelectric with heat, ionization, photoelectric duct, fixed heat, fixed heat with rate-of-rise, and fixed high-heat detectors. It also supports up to 99 addressable modules including monitor (two-wire detector, normally open devices), dual-monitor functions (two monitor circuits from one module, two addresses used), control (for Notification Appliance Circuits), and relay (two Form-C) modules. The panel uses surface-mount technology and is designed for ease of installation, programming, and maintenance. It features the latest in advanced fire protection technology, including maintenance alert and automatic detector test functions.

Special Features:

  • Built-in modem.
  • Selectable strobe synchronization per NAC.
  • Remote site upload/download.
  • Four Class B or two Class A NAC circuits.


Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 4.37 × 15.50 × 18.50 in

Production Status

Product Notes

Replacement: ES-50X or ES-200X


MS-9200UD: Intelligent Addressable FACP with Built-In Modem
Fire Alarm Control Panel: MS-9200UD/MS-9200UDE


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