Fireray 3000-016


Additional Detector Pack (set of Transmitter and Receiver heads). Use up to I additional Detector Pack per 3000-103.

Available Direct From Manufacturer

  • Factory New
Brand: Fireray Part #: 52624 Category: Manufacturer Part #: 3000-016Secondary Part #: FE-3000-016


The Fireray® 3000 End to End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector (OBSD) has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating modern industrial, electronic and software techniques. This detector offers cost effective protection of large, open area spaces with high ceilings. It is also very suited to applications where access to ceiling mounted smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.

The Fireray® 3000 is ideal for applications where line of sight for the IR (infrared) detection path is narrow and where the building structure uses reflective surfaces. It has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and thus can equally suit modern architectural buildings as well as historical sites, particularly where ornate ceilings exist.


Weight 0.456 lbs
Dimensions 3.03 × 3.07 × 6.33 in




  • Separate Transmitter and Receiver Heads
  • Range 16.5 to 393 feet, configurable per set of Detectors
  • Lateral Spacing per NFPA 72 is 60 feet
  • Integral Laser Alignment in Receiver
  • 2-wire Interface between Controller and Receiver
  • Single and Twin Channel capability
  • Separate Fire and Fault Relays per Detector
  • Low Level Controller with LCD display
  • Programmable Sensitivity and Fire Threshold
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for drift compensation
  • Built-in electronic UL/ULC obscuration-acceptance fire test
  • Knockouts for ease of installation and wiring
  • Optional Transmitter powering from Controller


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