FireworX FX-254RD

    Brand: FireworX Part #: 005868 Category: Manufacturer Part #: FX-254RD


    The FireworX FX-254 life safety system offers the reliability of ana- log/addressable fire detection for small to mid-sized applications. Built to provide years of trouble-free service, this system benefits building owners and installers with rotory device addressing, optional Ethernet® connectivity, and a full line of easily-to-configure option cards and modules.

    The FX-254 provides one Class A or Class B analog/addressable device loop that supports up to 127 devices. A second 127-point loop may be added to the FX-254 to expand total system capacity to up to 254 device addresses. The panel includes four NACs that may be wired for either Class A or Class B operation.

    The FX-254 supports a wide range of accessories and related equipment, including:

    • Intelligent modules and pull stations
    • Intelligent detectors, and bases
    • Remote annunciators
    • Option cards that expand system capacity and extend system capabilities.

    The FX-254 life safety system is a reliable analog/addressable solu- tion for small to mid-sized buildings. Analog/Addressable Technology delivers the benefits of flexible system installation, while a clean and easy-to-operatate user interface makes panel operation and system maintenance quick and intuitive.

    Datasheet: FX-254RD

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    Weight 30 lbs
    Dimensions 3.85 × 15.75 × 28.00 in


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