Fireye C9501N5034

Ultraviolet Flame Scanner

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Brand: Fireye Part #: 53582 Category: Manufacturer Part #: C9501N5034


The FIREYE C9501N Flame Scanner provides an effective means of flame monitoring in an application where a scanner can be mounted in a direct line of sight from the flame to be monitored. The C9501N Scanner is used in conjunction with Fireye R9005, R9100, R9101, R9103 and R9105 Flame Controllers.

The C9501N Ultraviolet Flame Scanner responds to ultraviolet (UV) radiation wavelengths between 1850 and 2650 angstroms, which are emitted by natural gas and light oil (No. 2) flames. If coal, heavy oil or other residual fuels are used, the C9502 Infrared Flame Scanner should be used.


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Ultraviolet Flame Scanner; C9501N
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Flame Safeguard System
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Flame Safeguard System
Det-Tronics – Instructions – 1990