First Alert PRC710V

Compact 10 Year Combo Photoelectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice & Location Feature

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First Alert ten-year series of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is the definitive edition of this revolutionary line of alarms. The PRC710V smoke and carbon monoxide alarm features an unprecedented ten year life span that complies with the current 10-year legislation. A leap in technology has eliminated the need to ever power or charge this unit with batteries. An end of life signal will readily alert owners once the unit has reached its ten year capacity. Combining the individual strengths of the standalone versions of the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm in the ten- year series, the PRC710V utilizes photoelectric nuisance resistant technology to effectively decipher between serious and minor levels in smoke detection. Combine this with an electrochemical CO sensor that sets an industry standard in identifying carbon monoxide and you have a quintessential alarm that excels on all fronts. The realization of a voice and location feature combined with a fully powered LED and alarm indicator serve admirably in warning all nearby participants of smoke detection and a leak in CO. This smoke and fire alarm includes power LED and alarm indicator, end of life signal and mute and single test/silence button so you can test your alarm regularly. Half the size of a standard alarm, the PRC710V’s installation process is rendered near effortless as the ten-year series comes equipped with a convenient mounting bracket. The model’s natural sleek and thin design lends itself to be utilized in a myriad of appropriate settings. For maximum protection and the ultimate in assurance, you can depend on First Alert to secure what matters most in life. Includes a 10-year limited warranty.



Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3.13 in

First Alert

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  • 10-year sealed smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with voice
  • Powered by sealed 10-year lithium batteries to provide continuous protection for 10 years without battery replacement
  • Meets UL217 and UL2034 standards and complies with legislative requirements for 10-year battery operated smoke alarms
  • Photoelectric smoke sensing technology for less nuisance alarms
  • Eliminates annoying low battery chirps in the middle of the night
  • Single button test/silence to ensure your alarm is working properly
  • End of life signal alerts you when alarm needs to be replaced