G.R.I. Telemark VS-06T-W

    Brand: G.R.I. Telemark FireAlarm.com Part #: 27701 Category: Manufacturer Part #: VS-06T-W


    Weight 1.00 lbs


    • This unique invention has been designed in response to requests from installers for a switch that would allow window venting of four to six inches before breaking contact and creating an alarm condition. The GRI Vent Switch will allow the homeowner to arm his system and at the same time permit venting of any window on which the Vent Switch has been installed. A slider or double hung window can be opened or closed while the GRI Vent Switch maintains an extended zone of actuation of approximately six inches at 1/2 air gap.
    • Prior to actual installation it is highly recommended that the installer become familiar with the operation of this switch during a bench test session. A continuity checker would work well in determining the overall area of activation. It is suggested that the homeowner be instructed in its actual operation to prevent an owner-induced alarm.