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The Gamewell-FCI Velociti® Series, telephone monitor module (AOM-TELF) controls the communications between the command center and the telephone jacks/ warden stations. Wiring to individual telephone jacks and handsets is supervised and may be configured as two-wire (Class B), or fault tolerant, (Class A). Status is reported to the panel as NORMAL, TROUBLE, or TELEPHONE. The module contains a panel-controlled LED indicator. The AOM-TELF installs in the signaling line circuit of the Gamewell-FCI emergency voice evacuation systems. The AOM-TELF is designed to fit into a 4″ (10.16 cm) square junction box 2 1/8″ (5.5 cm) deep.

The Velociti® Series use a communication protocol that substantially increases the speed of communication between the sensors and certain Gamewell-FCI analog addressable fire alarm controls. These devices operate in a grouped fashion. If one of the devices in the group has a status change, the panel’s microprocessor stops the group poll and concentrates on the single device. The net effect is response speed up to five times greater than earlier designs.


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Velociti® Series AOM-TELF; Addressable Audio Evacuation Module


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