Gamewell-FCI INI-VGX


Transponder Voice Gateway (UTP only)

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Brand: Gamewell-FCI Part #: 62632 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: INI-VGX


The INI-VGX Transponder Voice Gateway is a component of the E3 Broadband Audio Evacuation System and an optional component of the E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation System. It is a multi-function module that incorporates:

  • Network interface using twisted, unshielded wire or fiber-optic cable
  • Fully digital message generator
  • One signaling line circuit for local peripheral devices
  • Local fire fighter phone riser

It occupies a single DIP switch selectable address on the network and provides termination points for the network connection using either a pair of twisted, non-shielded wire (12 AWG max.) fiber-optic cable, or a combination of the two. The INI-VGX-UTP is not equipped with fiber-optic connectors.

The INI-VGX provides command and control for up to four AM-50 Series amplifiers, operating at 50 watts of power @ either 25VRMS or 70.7VRMS audio output. The amplifiers are installed in a single cabinet. The INI-VGX uses advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for audio compression and filtering. This feature allows the E3 Broadband System to produce superior clarity for intelligible LIVE voice paging. The background noise is automatically filtered during voice paging and fire fighter communications which increases the audibility and eliminates the need for Push-to-Talk devices.


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INI-VG Series; Intelligent Network Interface Voice Gateway
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