Gamewell-FCI SLP-BLK


SLP Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel in black S3, SLP-BB enclosure

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Manufacturer Part #: SLP-BLK
Note: Requires either an SLC-PM or an SLC95-PM for SLC loops.


The Gamewell-FCI®, S3 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel provides the latest, innovative high-end processing power. The S3 Series panel is a digital, microprocessor-based system that offers a simple, intuitive solution for the small to mid-sized fire alarm applications.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 14.50 × 20.15 in






Control Panel






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  • Listed per ANSI/UL® Standard 864 9th Edition
  • IBC Seismic Certified
  • Allows one SLC loop (expandable to two loops) that supports either System Sensor or Apollo devices in Class A or Class B (Style 4, 6 or 7)
  • Supports a network system of up to 122 nodes (includes E3 Series® panels) or up to 64 nodes (includes 7100 Series)
  • System Sensor supports up to 318 intelligent devices and each SLC loop supports the following
    • up to 159 detectors
    • up to 159 modules (expandable to 636 maximum per panel)
  • Apollo supports up to 126 intelligent detectors and modules per SLC. (Expandable to 252 maximum per panel)
  • Includes a high resolution (4.3”) (10.92 cm) color touchscreen display
  • Provides 7.0 amp power supply (120VAC or 240VAC)
  • Includes four Class B or two Class A built-in Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC)
  • Provides selectable System Sensor, Cooper-Wheelock, or Gentex strobe synchronization
  • Supports up to 32 serial annunciators (LCD, LED-only, LED Switch)
  • Offers an Ethernet port for programming, a variety of system reports, and a FocalPoint® Graphic Workstation connectivity
  • Provides two fully-programmable Form-C contacts for Fire, Trouble, and Supervisory
  • TimeCap – Saves time and date up to 48 hours without any power or battery
  • Automatically adjusts to any NAC End-of- Line Resistor (EOL) value (1k-55k ohm) for legacy audible/visual appliances
  • Removable display can be used as a remote annunciator
  • Suitable for pre-action deluge applications


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S3 Series Control Panel; Small Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


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