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Low Frequency Sounder Base

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Brand: Hochiki FireAlarm.com Part #: L03C-5188 Categories: , Manufacturer Part #: ASBLSecondary Part #: 0300-05430


The Hochiki ASBL Low Frequency Sounder Base is designed for use with the Hochiki Addressable Sensors. Each base is to be connected to the Hochiki State-of-the-Art Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). The ASBL provides an audible alarm in the immediate vicinity. Ideal applications are Hotels, Apartments, and Hospitals.

The ASBL meets NFPA 72 requirements for Low Frequency alarms in sleeping areas. Studies have shown that a low frequency alarm signal is the most effective at waking people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The ASBL is designed for installation in sleeping areas, such as bedrooms, dorm rooms, hotel rooms, patient rooms, etc. Operation and supervision of the ASBL is fully managed by the compatible Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).

The ASBL has a highly configurable programming algorithm that allows the user to set up groups of bases for synchronization of modulation tones. Each device has 16 states that are programmed with the desired sound pattern to be used for each state.


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  • UL269 and UL464 Listed
  • Programmable evacuation codes- Continuous, Temporal Code 3 (Temporal Code 4 with CO detection)
  • 520Hz Low frequency alarm signal meets  NFPA requirements for sleeping areas
  • Separate addresses range (128 – 254) for easy Cause and Effect programming
  • Programmable activation by General Alarm, by zone and / or by individual address
  • Up to 127 Sensors and 127 ASBL’s can be on one SLC loop
  • High sound pressure level (85dB SPL at 10 ft.)


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