Hochiki SCI-B6


6″ Sensor Base with Isolator

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Brand: Hochiki
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Manufacturer Part #: SCI-B6
Secondary Part #: 0300-04990


The HOCHIKI America SCI-B4 and the SCI-B6 are short circuit isolation mounting bases containing a simple rugged design with screw terminals for wiring connections. These common mounting bases allows sensor interchange and maintains loop continuity when sensors are removed. A simple anti-tamper head locking system is provided which is enabled by removing a small plastic tab on the back of the sensor. Once locked, the head can only be removed using a small diameter screw-driver.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 0.75 × 6.00 × 6.00 in
Base Type





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  • UL Listed
  • Ability to detect short circuit conditions
  • Designed for use with all DCP digital analog sensor.
  • Available in 4 and 6 inch models
  • Built-in LED indication upon short circuit condition
  • Contains a security locking tab for tamper protection


Short Circuit Isolator Digital Analog Sensor Bases
Hochiki – Data Sheet



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